Behind the curtains with The Chaos Bunch

TCB’s Geo AKA El Hefe in front of the camera as we record some Chaos Bunch stock intro footage. Billy about to go into his pocket for what I can only imagine is a sack full of nickels and pass codes to skip levels 1-5 on Donkey Kong Country for Super Nintendo.

The Chaos Bunch’s equipment/props master, Shaun Bro, modding a steadicam for the crew’s DSLRs. And he does all this in a jogging outfit. I asked him why and he said, “Cause I be runnin’ shit up in here”. I slowly backed away.

5&A Dime x Brother Nature: Riches and Rags Spring ’12 Video Look Book

The 5&A Dime-Brother Nature “Riches and Rags” Spring’12 video look book has finally arrived. After night upon night of restlessness, Billy and Agdo of The Chaos Bunch took a final 12 hour marathon editing session today to finish off the bad mamma jamma. A big shout out to our homey and extended TCB fam Nick Lamm for his work on this as well. He had a big part in directing and shooting this video. You can see it live right now on the front of the 5&A Dime website. Here’s a little more info surrounding this video:

5&A Dime collaborates with Brother Nature to bring you “Riches and Rags,” their Spring ’12 release look book. Paying homage to Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy in “Trading Places,” Brother Nature mirrors their very moves through Hip Hop.

Join us March 29th for our Riches and Rags Spring ’12 release party, beginning at 7 p.m. and ending at 11 p.m.

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Brother Nature 5&A Dime Video Collaboration

Over the weekend, Billy from The Chaos Bunch drowned his camera in the rain for the Brother Nature-5&A Dime music video collaboration shoot. Their was water, lots of water, and ice in the form of liquid everywhere. Then a homemade 10 dollar car hood rig somehow made it onto a $250,000+ Bentley vehicular. The Real J. Wallace of Brother Nature got Clay Mathews’d by Bam Circa 86, but Bam got his at the end when he didn’t listen to TLC and chased them waterfalls in form of a bucket full of aqua. In the end, The Chaos Bunch defeated the rain, pizza was ate, Sprite was devoured, friends were made, a dope video was shot and all was right in the world again.

The Chaos Bunch and The Concrete Project

Agdo from The Chaos Bunch got much love for The Concrete Project even before The Chaos Bunch was minted. Here’s a few of his work he did for my band TCP. When I save up enough dough I’m going to buy him an all inclusive unicorn hunting trip…with unlimited arrows and ninja stars.

…and here are a few more TCP vids for you to chuckle and shake your fist at like an old man who just got his window busted by the local sandlot baseball crew.